Strange Funny Facts About Living Beings

# More babies are born in September than in any other month

# 53% of Americans think they are paid the right amount.

# About 8,000 Americans are injured by musical instruments each year.

# One in twelve Americans alphabetize their spice rack.

# 95% of the creatures on earth are smaller than a chicken egg.

# 57% of women would rather go on a shopping spree than have sex.

# 63% of pet owners sleep with their pets.

# There are twice as many billionares in the U.S. today as there were 10 years ago.

# 25% of the fish you eat are raised on fish farms.

# 1 in 4 people admit to searching in their host’s medicine cabinets.

# 48% of men think balding has a negative effect on business and social relationships.

# The average American dog will cost its owner $14,600 in its lifetime.

# The Ratio of people to T.V. in the world is 6 to 1.

# 58% of school kids say pizza is their favorite cafeteria food.

# 32% of singles polled think they will meet their future mate online.

# In 1948, 2.3% of American households had televisions. Today 99% do.

# In 1998, 58% of American adults were married and living with their spouses, an all time low.

# The top three products for coupon redemption are cold cereal, soap, and deodorant.

# One in three dog owners say they have talked to their pets on the phone.

# 46% of violence on T.V. occurs in cartoons.

# Only about 5% of people dream in color.

# 80% of high school atheletes, male and female, say they have been hazed.

# 65% of American adolescents get acne.

# 1 in 6 employees say they got so mad at a co#worker last year that “they felt like hitting them but didn’t.”

# The average American drinks 3.4 cups of coffee a day.

# 85% of parents use child safety seats incorrectly.

# The average American kid catches 6 colds a year, the average kid in daycare catches 10.

# The average American male laughs 69 times a day where the average woman laughs 55 times a day.

# 85% of obscene calls are made by males.

# 5% of Americans never get married.

# 60% of the county of Leichtenstein’s GDP is generated from the sale of false teeth.

# If a girl owns one barbie, she most likely owns seven.

# 50% of American adults attended an arts activity in 1997.

# People aged 24#35 worry less than adults of other age groups.

# 5% of Americans say they “never” make their beds.

# The average person moves their residence 11 times in their life, about once every 6 years.

# 35% of people watching T.V. yell at it.

# One in seven Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a map.

# American office workers send an average of 36 e#mails per day.

# 23% of workers said they would work harder if their employer offered a “$1,000 shopping spree at a store of their choice.”

# Only 30% of U.S. adults actually have dandruff while 50% are “self consious about it.”

# 32% of women and 8% of men say they are better at doing laundry than their spouse.

# 13% of the letters in a given book are “e”.

# The average age kids begin to use a microwave is seven.

# The average American uses 730 crayons by the age of 10.

# 63% of American adults will rent at least 1 video this month.

# The average sleeper rolls over 12 times in bed per night.

# The Pentagon uses an average of 666 rolls of toilet paper each day.

# More babies are conceived in December than any other month.

# Your left hand does an average of 56% of your typing.

# It takes an average person seven minutes to fall asleap on an average night.

# About 8% of the students at the Dunkin Doughnuts training center fail the six week course.

# The avarage speed of a golf ball in flight during the PGA tour is 160 mph.

# 85% of phone calls are conducted in the English language.

# The Earth is turning to desert at a rate of 40 square miles per day.

# 99% of India’s truck drivers can’t read road signs.

# 80% of deaths in U.S. casinos are caused by sudden heart attacks.

# 12% of U.S. businessmen wear their ties so tight that they restrict the blood flow to their brain.

# 3% of all photos taken in the U.S. are taken at Disney Land or Disney World.

# Nearly 6% of all marriage proposals are made over the telephone.

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13 Responses to “Strange Funny Facts About Living Beings”

  1. Yea and I am willing to bet 97% of statistics are made up! Considering some of your listings contradict eachother…. hmmmm

  2. the average rhinoscerous poops 793 dungs a day

  3. did you know 57% of statistics are made up on the spot.

  4. didnt you guys ever think that mabye the statistic that 57% of them are made up…IS MADE UP !!!

  5. how can you NOt find the US on a map?! Especially when you LIVE there?

  6. how do they figure out the disusting stuff and howcan u not find USA when u live their and like learne about it its just stupid

  7. Yeah, over 60% of “statistics” are made up…
    and a lot about the USA is REALLY made up; Europeans call us stupid, but they easy believe ANYTHING !! the thing about americans not being able to point out the USA is probably a fithly illegal immigrant.

  8. It’s not necessarily made up, just skewed. A large portion of that statistic is made up of infants and preschool children. It’s “One in seven Americans”.

  9. i don’t get it. how do people dream in color?

  10. Did you know 89% of people will are more likely to believe something if it has statistics

  11. P.S. Most b-days are in Aug.


  12. actually not many people have ever even looked at a world map because they dont need to and most births are in September it was announce after the Census

  13. How do people not dream in color? I have never in my life had a dream that wasn’t colored.