Funny But True Facts

If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would produce enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.

Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

Just twenty seconds worth of fuel remained when Apollo 11’s lunar module landed on the moon.

If you attempted to count to stars in a galaxy at a rate of one every second it would take around 3,000 years to count them all.

Every minute in the U.S. six people turn 17.

Human hair and fingernails continue to grow after death.

Termites eat wood twice as fast when listening to heavy metal music.

Guinness Book Of Records holds the record for being the book most stolen from Public Libraries.

Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning.

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291 Responses to “Funny But True Facts”

  1. Hair and fingernails dont grow after u die…. otherwise there would be fingernails sticking out of the ground everywhere (ewwwww)

  2. How do you know termites eat wood twice as fast when listening to heavy metl music?


  4. i love all these random facts, me and my friend are always in competiton on who knows the most random facts

  5. umm yes fingernails do grow after death because they only grow for about two months after death. and hair grows for about the same amount of time.

    and scientists can test how fast termites eat when listining to vaious types of music.
    although how weird that sounds it is true.

    haha actually all of these are true facts. and useless :]


  7. so umm…..whens ya next birfday? i was jus wonderin cuz my scale says i’m 130lbs. when i’m rally only 90

  8. fingernails & hair are dead cells.. they don’t grow massively but enough to continue growing after death

    ps. i likee these facts [:
    keep them comingg ..?

  9. no, fingernails and hair do not grow after death. research it. they appear to grow because the skin around your nails and on your head shrinks somewhat after you die.

  10. Gadsby is the longest book never to use the letter E

  11. “Fingernails and hair grow after death.” = FALSE

    (Thank you nov at least one person knew what they were talking about.)

    The human body begins to dehydrate after a person dies. Because the skin is so dry, it “pulls away from nails and hair.” This makes it appear as though the nails and hair are growing, but in fact the body itself is shrinking.

  12. lol@ all these losers arguing whether hair grows after people die. XDXDXD

  13. Smile if u r a happui person don’t frown

  14. haha i know right?
    seriously people…no one really cares. the person dead anyway. go dig some random person up and find out yourself

  15. did you know that all polar bears are left handed?
    or that giraffes don’t have vocal cords?
    or that it is possible to lead a cow up stairs, but not down? hows that for random?

  16. seriously, its funnier that you guys are having a useless fight about usless facts than the facts themselves!

  17. yeah, i know! isnt it strange?
    Did you know that if you leave a goldfish in a dark room it’ll turn white?
    And more money is published for Monopoly than for US treasury every DAY!!!

  18. hahah these are great. =]

  19. -Polar bears aren’t white; they have black skin and translucent fur.
    -It is impossible to lick your elbow (unless of course you are some kind of contortionist…)
    -If you dive too deep in the ocean without special gear, your body can implode.
    -peanuts aren’t nuts…they are related to beans.
    -a cashew is the only nut that grows on the outside of a fruit.
    -Kiwi birds were named after the fruit
    -If Christopher Columbus had discovered America, there would not have been people here before him.
    -The only mammals that lay eggs are the Platypus and the Echidna.

  20. hair and fingernails only grow to a certain amount of time…

  21. i just researched it……….:( i was wrong lol


  23. hair and fingernails dont grow. its an illusion because in reality its your skin receding that makes it appear that your hair and nails are growing.

  24. hahaha, ya’ll crack me up. arguing about nothing, anyyway, i love these. they crack me up even moree. (:

  25. lol i love this..what else is there to do at 2 am? ..besides study for finals..

    guess what the avg speed a dragonfly can travel is 30 mph. πŸ™‚
    a goldfish has a attention span of 3 seconds..idk i read it somewhere. haha

  26. Hair and fingernails do NOT grow after death, the retraction of your skin makes them seem longer. Scientific fact. Eat it.

  27. Ok for those of you who keep arguing about the hair and fingernails thing I hope this helps, if it doesn’t you should stop wasting your time on the internet and go do something useful with your life…( i should do that same) anyway here it goes.. Hair and fingernails aren’t actually growing. Dead is dead. The only things growing after you’re dead are worms, bacteria, and flowers. What is happening, however, is that the skin around the hair and fingernails will desiccate (i.e., lose water) and thereby shrink. When the skin shrinks, it retracts, making hair and fingernails look longer, as if they’d grown.

  28. wow u guys are fighting about this???
    but i have to agree with the ppl tht ar saying they dont grow; i mean think about it. when u die, your whole body completely dies. gone, dead.

  29. okay…uhm who cares bout the fingernails thing? its still fun lol!

    love these facts=D lmao

  30. Haha.
    I love the way you put it Charlie. . .
    These are all great! =]

  31. haha this is funny. you guys r argueing on the internet about fingernails and hair growing after you die. but really who cares? but hey keep on argueing its funny

  32. hahaha nobody really cares once your dead how much your hair and fingernails grow cuz its not like anybody is going to dig you up and cut em… grosssss…. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  33. I can like my elbow….


  35. you can like your elbow but you certainly cant lick it

  36. the yelling thing is true i did it b4

  37. WOW. ok. guys…your all sstupid. once your dead. your dead. nothing grows. its like saying you get taller when your dead. YOU CANT!! hair and nails dont grow when your dead. AND…thats it. guys..stop wasting your lives. (advice I should take). Go chase a car…or party. ok? once your dead..your dead.

  38. and…”me” (the one above me). Im not sure if you MEANT to lie..but…thats impossible. u sat on a chair…4 more than 8 years with a mug in frunt of you??? nice try buckaroo…

  39. i actually can lick both of my elbows. everyone says its impossible, but i can do it…

  40. well kaitlyn if you can give me a call πŸ˜‰ haha jk

  41. Fingernails and hair don’t continue to grow after you die. It appears that they do, but that is because your skin shrinks when it looses the water that is in it. However, when you die it isn’t like you body just completely shuts down instantly. The brain keeps a small electrical charge for several months after you die.

  42. Haha! What’s making me laugh even more than the actual fight is that people are still commenting/ trying to explain it. We get it. Like 10 people explained that they don’t really grow.
    Lets all calm down now =).

    Anyway, nice facts =D


  44. so some people believe that your fingernails and hair continue to grow after you die, but your phone calls tend to taper off.

  45. ok yeah why are we arguing about fingernails and hair? why dont you go ride a bike. or go play baseball. dont you have finals to be studying?

  46. so i’m glad everyone thinks it’s a big deal about the fingernails and hair. Honestly? lets use some common sense here. Geeze lol

  47. hello there folks! i like eggs more than anyone in the whole entire universe so beat that!

  48. i like eggs so much they are all i eat! also i like birds. birds are cool. super cool. cooler than ice cool.

  49. wait guys im still confused. do your fingernails grow and does your hair grow when you’re dead? i think i need 10 million other people who have nothing better to do with their time tell me that they don’y.

  50. btw u guys are a bunch of comedians. have u heard of a certain girl named emilee? shes a hoot

  51. It is NOT impossible to lick your elbow. My sister and I both can do it, and we are not contortionists. I can’t even do the splits… πŸ˜›

    Guiness World Records gets about five calls a day from people thinking they’ve made some world record because they can lick their elbows…. it’s just very uncommon. Very few people can do it. :]


  53. while im at this, here are some interesting facts xD

    1) Micheal Jacksons DEAD! :,c tear. he was weird but his music was great!
    2) cat pee glows under a black light!
    3) every 37 secends somone dumps there lover through a txt!
    4) kermit the frog is left handed!
    5) if usneeze 7 times in a row ur heart stoped too long and u die!
    6) if u micro wave a grape it will spark! carefull its a fire hazard!
    7) u spontainiously combust at 573oF!


  55. did you know if you dont breathe for an hour theres a good chance your dead,

    and if your hearts not beating theres a 25%chance
    your dead…im just saying

  56. teeth and nails dont continue to grow, everything else retracts giving the impression teeth and nails are still growing


  58. hair and teeth continue to grow for 2-3 months after death because the body is decomposing.

    the reason why we dont have nails sticking out of the ground at cemetaries is because the corpses are in sealed COFFINS.

    to the author:
    great facts. i never knew that- Guinness Book Of Records holds the record for being the book most stolen from Public Libraries.

  59. i like facts.
    i like eggs
    “i can like me elbow”
    lmfao, that made me laugh..
    shut up with the fingernail/hair/(according to emily) teeth thing!

    make love not war~
    silence the violence, increase the peace~
    i just spilled water all over my keyboard -_____-

    later skater~

  60. let’s just all come down and eat some nice, hardboiled eggs, eh?

  61. charlie, on March 19th, 2009 Said:
    Ok for those of you who keep arguing about the hair and fingernails thing I hope this helps, if it doesn’t you should stop wasting your time on the internet and go do something useful with your life…( i should do that same) anyway here it goes.. Hair and fingernails aren’t actually growing. Dead is dead. The only things growing after you’re dead are worms, bacteria, and flowers. What is happening, however, is that the skin around the hair and fingernails will desiccate (i.e., lose water) and thereby shrink. When the skin shrinks, it retracts, making hair and fingernails look longer, as if they’d grown.

    ur finger nails and hair are all ready dead so why do they grow anyway

  62. your heart does not actually stop when you sneeze

  63. yes it does.

  64. Your heart does not stop it skips…..and no i have debated about this in science class your hair and finger nails do not keep growing! as everyone else has pointed out the just appear to be bigger/long!

  65. BTW

  66. Uhm seriously SWEET facts but people stop with the finger nail and hair things??? You all dont know that you body totally dissapear’s after having been consumed by ant’s??? Jeez give more facts and yes your heart does stop when you sneeze thats why the chinese came up with “Bless You” becuz they believed your soul had left your body for a second…Peace Out

  67. the hair and nails dont grow the skin receeds so i appears to grow post mortum

  68. Good Lord

    If you take an egg from the chicken, the chick is dead. The talons and feathers do not continue to grow, but man do they taste good.

  69. this is what i do in school. it takes up my time but hell i have nothing better to do im in school. who cares if it grows or not. your dead. you don’t care because your dead. why should anyone else. now go grab a skateboard or a girl or something. lol.

  70. oh. and likeing eggs is the first sign of a mass murderur. look it up.

  71. Whoeva came up with the “fingernails and hair growing after death” thing…ought to be flogged!.

  72. alright people you should really learn to lighten up and stopp yelling at nerds who like to argue about whether or not your fingernals and hair grow after death. jk jk πŸ™‚ i meant that in a good way.. i think its pretty funny and i myself really like eggs, especislly w/ cheese on them πŸ˜€

  73. ok, the sneezing thing, not real, i once sneezed30 times in a row and im still alive and i like eggs and im not a mass murderer

  74. What da Heck is all Dhis??
    Love The Factss n Stuff Buh Ya’ll Be Dam Weirdos lol

  75. so i can lick my sisters elbow…does that count?
    and hair and fingernials,are growing,forever…they even kill little kids in theyre sleep…did nodbody read my novel?

  76. Don’t take my word for it:

    And everyone can lick their elbow:

    And we all should like eggs because:

    Sorry, no results shown for the whole mass murderer/eggs relationship. Try again.

    Citing your sources are fun, ain’t it.

  77. Sorry, the lick your elbow thing didn’t make it on the first note:


  79. I can Lick my elbow! No joke!

  80. you people are so wack. i don’t know why you would look this crap up. the only reason that im on here is because for halloween im being a geek and i need pointless facts to tell. so yeah. peace.

  81. …AR3 GOOD

  82. im not a nerd like u guys, but i do no tht its after halloween! happy halloween… and get lots of candY!

  83. that sneezing fact isn’t true, I’ve sneezed 14 times in a row before, I HATE MOWING LAWNS!

  84. um yea your heart actually beats faster when you sneeze

  85. its impossible to sneeze with your eyes open!
    i’ve tried! its IMPOSSIBLEEE! ..lolz <33 xPP…

  86. um….hi, i’m twelve years old and i don’t think sitting around in front of your computer arguing and explaining why a certain fact is true or not is a very constructive hobby. You guys should seriously go get some fresh air or something….. and come on people, we all have our own opinions on stuff so lets leave it at that.

  87. funny facts but some may be opinions

  88. umm. so yea. i’ve never laughed so much in my life. this is a crazy thing to argue about over the internet,
    i would hate to see you guys argue in person. Something tells me punches would be thrown. πŸ™‚ silly people.

  89. stop disturbing the dead!!!! let them all rest in peace without having to grow hair and crap. XP
    and im not afraid to say i sorta dislike eggs
    and now the go sulk in thy corner

  90. your hair and fingernails dont grow when u die it jus looks like they do because your skin and body shrinks

  91. this whole hair and nail discussion has been going on for a year.. thats a useless fact for you

  92. wow it really has i didn’t notice that until jus now thats crazy

  93. this is hillarious im just gunna keep it going by saying that i thought that hair and nails kept growing after death. and after a certain point your body decomposes and it stops.

  94. How awesome would it be if pandas were blue???????? Just a thought. Eeep!:D

  95. It’s all about the duct tape and kisses!

  96. hahaha omg r u serious this is wat people do in there spare time and wow i thought i waste my time…
    hmmm im pretty sure that arguin about this for a year is hell pretty pathetic
    well peace out dudes…
    ohh and go hard or go home πŸ˜›




  100. i like potates so the eggs are for losers! muahahaha! the truth is revealed!

  101. hair and fingernails don’t continue to grow after death. after all of your fluids leave your body, your skin and muscles shrivel up and it makes your hair and nails appear to look longer. it’s proven.


  103. yew people r retarts haha im bored somebody talk to me

  104. fingernails and ur hair keeps growing after ur dead everyone who said they dont is stupid (i really dont kno i just like seeing the argument keep going hahahaha)

  105. LO(frickin)L!!! This whole thing is pretty funny, but i wish ppl would stop saying they like eggs. Its kinda weird and unimportant. But I’ll tett you what is important….
    There are no poisonous snakes in Maine.
    Odontophobia is the fear of teeth.
    The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had.
    1 in 5,000 north Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue.
    The three best-known western names in China: Jesus Christ, Richard Nixon, and Elvis Presley.

  106. ummm..
    did you know marilyn monroe has 6 toes on 1 foot.


  107. MY FRIEND can lick her elbow, (:

  108. I sneezed with my eyes open πŸ˜€ I used my fingers XD

  109. these facts are awsome

  110. cool i can lick my elbow

    You might like this one, Spilt my water, pick it up
    i did not say the glass, the water.

  112. Actually hair and fingernails do NOT grow after death, the skin started to dry and shrivel making it appear that they continue to grow.

  113. do you know what kills more people than guns wars and aids……..mosquitos…….malaria..

  114. unless somebody here has dug up a dead person and notice that there nails and hair are extremely long how do you know so get a life lol or you could try killing yourself and after you’ve been dead for about three months wake up and measure oh bye the way i love how all you know so much but are here waisting your time talking about hair and fingernails of dead people

  115. I cant lick my elbow, i dont know fingernails and hair, and i like eggs, but not if im not in the mood (:

    Good Day.

  116. And happy febuary (:

  117. february lol

  118. okay now this is really retarded. your argueing about what your body does after you die? who cares! and “me” i doubt very seriously that you yelled for 8 years straight! im pretty sure there is some poeple in this world who can lick there elbow and the people on here that say they can might not be able to but who really quit being stupid and post more random, funny, stupid facts about nothing. and everyone just read it, laugh and move on!

  119. look
    whats the point in aguing about if ur nails an hair grow once ur dead
    there is none
    the point is that u no the factts coz they might help 1 day

  120. The last drink of anything you drink in 9% spit


    Oh yeah, and can fruity-smelling markers get u high?

  121. I meant to say IS 9% spit.

  122. What I found the funniest is the control freaks trying to silence a persona constitional right! Like you saying stop this or that is actually going to help.

  123. a can of spam is opened every 4 seconds. πŸ˜›

  124. Say word u guys r wastemansz but still happy march 2nd πŸ™‚

  125. Haaha…”Banging your head against a wall…” seems the most hilarious to me. Calories aren’t the only thing that will be lost.

  126. A person will eat a ton of Mac n cheese in there life time and two tons of hot dogs

  127. Over half of the people in this world don’t like themselves.

  128. this argument has gone on for 2 damn years!!! ya’ll are so pathetic. and eggs are disgusting

  129. I made pink eggs then i made blue eggs the other day………………………………………… K-| they were good










    What did the psychiatrist say when a man wearing nothing but saran wrap walked into his office?

    I can clearly see you’re nuts!

  130. I can lick both my elbows, but both legs over my head AND wiggle my pinky toe only. By the way… I can do those 3 things at the same time. πŸ™‚

  131. lol wow funny

  132. Well let’s see here… I’ve never heard of someone sneezing to death. I don’t think eating eggs will turn you into a mass murderer and who the hell cares about your nails and hair if your dead. I do however find the guiness book of world records stolen from library thing interesting and I’ve stole that book before so I guess I’m a statistic now. lol

  133. Cows can wak upstairs but de cnt wak downstairs.
    Apples are just giant, swollen ovaries!
    Bananas are berries.
    Clever is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put 1in a fruit salad!!!

  134. you know what’s even better than the fingernails and hair thing? (TBH it’s stupid to argue over smth like that)
    some men get a post-mortem erection. That is, they get a boner after they’re dead. (not like, after a day, I think it’s like within maximum an hour)

  135. i can pick my nose with my tongue lol gross πŸ˜€

  136. Wow, the whole ‘pick your nose with your tongue’ thing is kinda nasty, and I read the entire comments. some of you people should be comedians!!!

  137. hair and fingernails do not grow after deah, although they appear to, this is due to shrinking back of skin

  138. Em I thought your hair and fingernails grow and then die once they leave the body. . . so they aren’t actually growing while they’re dead are they?

  139. You’re fingernails and toenails only grow for like 3 months afterwards! They don’t grow forever!

  140. ^^And you’re hair

  141. the hair and fingernails thing is totally wrong. it just seems that way because your skin shrinks :]

  142. who cares there dead!
    ive got a joke
    whats green, red and goes round and round?

    A frog in a blender!

  143. jesus love you all!

  144. woah, i can’t believe that i actually just spent 15 minutes reading all of this… hmm, this could possibly be the cause of a downward spiral lol XD

    the hair and fingernails thing has been going on for nearly 2 years… hmm a lot of people have wayyyyyyyy too much free time methinks (say nothing about my hyprocrisy, i will cry…)

    hmm, random fact: a yawn is the most contageous thing on the planet.

    and i ‘like’ my elbow too… can’t lick it though…

  145. Lol. This is funny. omg.
    okay so this is the longest post of comments i’ve ever seeen .And it manages to shock me because….you guys are still talknn bout the “nail..n hair after death” thing. likee omg.
    but too funny! crakkn up! andd…uhh…..that, “green, read, and goes round and round-frog” joke. …was kinda disturbing .lol

  146. hey it is very nice, interesting, good. there is also a fact that woman have patience twice men have…

  147. dayuumm i have more random facts i know then this. i show you…
    Termites eat wood twice as fast when listening to heavy metal music

    apples wake you up more then caffine in the morning.

    colgate means go hang yourself

    did you know horses cant spit?

    and pigs cant look up??

    and if you leave your finger in a bowl of coke for a week the
    skin will start to disinigrate?

    did you know that chewing gum while cutting onions prevents you from crying.

    your tounge is germ free only if its pink.

    the pupil of the eye expands 45 percent if it finds something pleasing to look at

    bats allways turn left when exiting a cave.

    everytime you sneeze some of your brain cells die.

    when you blush the lining of your stomach also turns red.

    when hippos are upset their sweet turns red.

    the sound your knuckles make when you crack them is nitrogen bubbles bursting.

    the plastic things at the end of shoelaces are called aglets.

    the only two animals that can see behind itself without turning its head are the rabbit and the parrot

    intellegent people have more zinc and copper in their hair

    whips make a cracking sound because the tip moves faster then the speed of sound.

    the human heart has enough pressure while pumping to squirt blood 30 feet.
    I PRETTY MUCH OWN RANDOM FACTS <3 i only read the commments not the acttual facts. SORRY IF SOME ARE ALLREADY IN THERE

  148. hair and fingernails do not continue to grow after death. when a dead body decomposes, its body tissues receed and it gives the appearance of hair and nail growth.

  149. EGGS i love egs dude they are amazing!

  150. hi i like eggs…i hate cats fat cats are boke

  151. its not impossable to lick your elbow ive done it


  153. i love eggs but you are all dumb with a captial dddddduuuuummmmmbbbbbb

  154. Why the heck does everyone keep talking about eggs?!?!?!!? NO ONE CARES! THEY’RE EGGS! SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT THEM!!!
    Gosh dang…I will kill you all!
    Does it even say anything about eggs on here? NO!
    So stop talking about them! It’s not even funny!!!!!!

  155. Dis is a fact……………
    it took me longer to read the comments than the facts its self…………………….. than again the comments are funnier than the facts hahahahhahahahahhahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. hi im from north dakota and it is awesome! πŸ™‚

  157. did you know a peanut is not a nut its a pea

  158. what i wanna know is who wasted 8 year 7 months and 6 days of there life yelling to make a cup of coffee, havent they heard of a microwave

  159. Yeah or a kettle lol

  160. cul dud talkin’ here.

    here are some more interesting/random/useless facts.

    An average person’s thumb is as long as their nose

    An average person’s forearm is also as long as their feet

    People started saying bless you after you sneexe because when you sneeze your heart stops for a mili second

    Wait for more facts
    I’m gonna come back with lots more
    Wel cya guys till then.

  161. VIVA MEXICO… bored so dnt h8…..turkeys drown in rain….yea dey luk up but so stupid dey forget 2 close der mouths n end up drownin πŸ˜€

  162. your heart doesnt spot beating when you sneeze. It is an old belif that when you sneeze you are ridding yourself bad spirits. Hence bless you or god bless you

  163. Eggs are nasty!! Which one came first the chicken or the egg??

  164. If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib.

    If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die.

    If you keep your eyes open by force when you sneeze, you might pop an eyeball out.

    peace people!

  165. actually fingernails and hair do not grow after death, they only appear longer because your skin is shrinking and shribbling making everything seem like its growing but in reality it is the same size just your skin is different. (: i’m a smart coookie.

  166. Giraffes cant cough
    ants never sleep
    women speak more words than men
    baby learn faster than adults
    dolphins sleep with one eye open
    touching your tounge while yawning staops the yawn
    coffee makes you more tired than eating a good breakfastt
    =) love random facts

  167. oh and a couple more…
    raw eggs help your hair and give it nice shine
    mud and some clay soften your face
    keeping your feet clean and wearing socks and or shoes all the time keeps your feet healthier
    (a for me) cutting or trimming your hair on a full or growing moon makes your hair grow healthy and faster and if you cut it on a srinking moon makes it grow back just as health but slower
    =) peace

  168. if u like bacon ur awesome……

  169. No one answered my question.

  170. The egg came first if belive evolution. If you belive creationism the it was the chicken that came first.

  171. Astounding, nice presentation.

  172. can you internet freaks argue about something a little more interesting, like cats?!?!?!?!? i mean, who cares about something stupid dumb like hair (unless you donate it to locks of love)???? cats are awesome!!!! seriously!!!! stop arguing about hair and fingernails and crap and get a life!!!!! hahahaha!!! i probably should too, though.

  173. actually hair and nails are dried blood cells so when ur dead ur blood has to go somewhere so it just keeps on growing into hair and nails. now you guys can shut up about that thing!

    -i like hobos-

  174. it was the egg tha came first because of a birth defect in a different animal which caused toe egg to come then to hatch which created the chicken:) thanks mrs. ritchie:)

  175. no man can eat 50 eggs

  176. i ate more than 50 eggs.. bird’ s egg.( tiny ones)

  177. Omg give the hair and nails thing a rest, its gross.

    Just 2 random facts…

    Google was originally called Backrub (lol, imagine the line you can Backrub it instead of you can Google it)

    And in The Wizard of Oz, the lion costume was actually made of real lions. (Gross huh? Who would wear it?)


  178. Because of decomposition, the body begins to to appear that it is shrinking. Already dead cells such as hair and nails remain the same length of time of death

  179. random fact
    God is not real.

  180. HAV DARV IDK IF U GET THIS BUT GOD IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. I was laughing at this until the last comment which could be kinda offensive…and was to me :S and the hair and nails thing? really? just drop it dudes! πŸ˜›

  182. God is real. You need to experience Him and have some faith. :))

  183. hahaha this took me ages to read but i have probably learnt more then i would have in school!!
    one more random fact to throw out there!!

    According to suicide statistics, monday is the most popular day to kill yourself on!!

    peace and love people!!

  184. -Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, never phoned his wife or his mother. They were both deaf.
    -In the 40’s, the Bich pen was changed to Bic for fear that Americans would pronounce it ‘Bitch.’
    -It is illegal to be a prostitute in Siena, Italy, if your name is Mary.
    -No matter its size or thickness, no piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times.


  185. oohhh, and stop talking about the nails and the hair! is it really so important that you keep bringing it up?

  186. the nails and hair appear to grow after death because the body gets smaller due to dehydration -GOOGLE IT-

  187. Well, people,i mean seriously. I think majority of people now know that your hair and nails only APPEAR to grow, but they really don’t. So, if i were all you, i would stop bringing it up, because it’s really annoying to read the same thing over and over again. But, i still find the whole argument entertaining. :} Have a nice day people. <3

  188. I like how this finger nail hair convo has been going on for two years πŸ™‚


  190. hey guy’s 2yrs have been wasted on this fingernail thing! EGG GIRL if your still around do you like vibrating eggs? just asking thats all !!

    When are new facts coming? or now in fact your bored of doing new facts? or had enough of this stupid argument about fingernais..

    This is my first post… lol..

  191. Hair and fingernails dont grow after you die.As you skin rots it makes it look like they are growing but they are really the same size

  192. I think we need one more person with their infinite wisdom of cutting and pasting from the same website to FINALLY confirm that hair and fingernails don’t continue to grow postmortem. The previous 52,000 comments haven’t been enough clearly. LMAO!!!

    P.S. My co-workers are wondering why I’m laughing so hard. Now I’m one of the dumb **** participating on this useless feed. haha

  193. nice dude !!!! i write all amazing facts in my rough notebook.
    …………………………………………………N………………………………………LOVE TO READ EM’.

  194. these facts MAY be true….but they AREN’T funny….

  195. I love that people are still argueing about these facts after two years.

  196. People with green or blue eyes are more sensitive to light than people with other colored eyes.

    One out of Four americans have appeared on TV.

    Everyday 21 newborn babies are given to the wrong parents.

    The average person swallow eight spiders in a year.

    Weed is the most widely abused drug in the world.

    The average person laughs 13 times a day.

    Elvis was originally blonde

    Eskimos use refridgerators to keep food from freezing.

    24% of all females have at at least one homosexual experience.

    There is no such thing as an anti-wrinkle cream

    22 % of the time a pizza will arrive faster than an ambulance in great britain.

    96% of all women have at least once in their life faked an orgasm

    3 people die each year testing if a 9 volt battery works on their tongue

    butterflies taste with thier feet.

    5% of the population is gay.

    The worlds best know word is “Okay”

    The second best known word is “Coca-Cola”

    Charles Chaplin once won 3rd prize in a Charles Chaplin look-alike contest

    Only one book has been printed in more copies than the Bible…The IKEA catalogue

    Donald Duck was banned in Finland because he doesn’t where pants.

    74% of all nudist females are nudists because their husbands are nudists

    More people die from a champagne cork popping then from poison spiders.

    21% of all traffic accidents happen because the driver falls asleep

    Originally a Danish guy invented the burglar alarm, and then it got stolen.

  197. Yes! Read 2 1/2 years’ worth of posts on this thing, though i’m not sure thats something to be proud of…..
    Anyway, please, please, PLEASE check your facts at least twice some of you guys are so stupid it’s not even funny….. But the nail/hair thing is hillarious and so is the egg thing, everybody stop yelling at them let them have their nerd fight it’s too funny to stop….

  198. Ya! these are all true facts i know some of them before

  199. If we bang our head for an hour we wil die who will bother about calorie

  200. Who wil be alive for 3000 years to count all the stars and why to count the stars what we can do when we will come to know the total number of stars and the total number of stars will not be the same all the days it wil be decreasing or increasing

  201. Not only 8years 7months and 6days but also 6years 7months 8days wil be the same

  202. ok I googled if our nails and hair keep growing after we die and it said no they don’t it is an optical illusion!!!! Actually when we die we dehydrate so our nails and hair stay the same length but our hands, feet, and head shrink!!!! honest to who ever, I looked it up and 5 different sites said the same thing!!!! So thanks for playing!!!!

  203. and no 8yrs 7months and 6 days is not the same as 6 yrs 7months and 8 days I did the math and you are way off!!!

  204. cool!!!! ….. πŸ˜€ <3

  205. Woman speak more words than man only because they spent more time of their life complaining

  206. women jokes are only short so men can remember them! πŸ™‚

  207. internet fights are like the special olympics
    win or lose, your still retarded…

  208. Hahah im so gonna bang my head against the wall for and hour! Hahaha (:

  209. 15 mins of my life i will never get back… >.<

  210. OMG


    umm……there useless so dont fight bout it aye haha

    well its not really a fight kinda like a discution lol haha

  211. cool facts very intresting

  212. So cool man Ha ha ha ha ha

  213. hey peepz jus drop it about the fingernail and toe nail thing evry 1 haz there own opinion

  214. LOL….wow i have no life if i just sat here and read the whole argument. im gonna start working out more….but i like eggs ^_^

  215. Thats not true! I Know someone who can lick there elbow and there in 8th grade. I’M SERIOUS! ;D

  216. My maid can lick her elbow o-o

  217. hair and fingernails are really only dead skin cells, so the fact that they dont grown because your skin is shrinking and dying seems like an illogical concept to me… just sayin, keep on truckin!

  218. did u know armpit can be so jealous when you sneeze LOL!

  219. Eggs Don’t rule and you sucko argumentative nerd owe me 15 minutes of my life but still this is one of the funniest things i’ve ever read online but bfn i gtg bang me ed!

  220. lolz really did u really search random funny facts to aruge with them? was that ur activity for the day lolz

  221. this thread is 2 years old, give up


  222. see if it keeps going 2 more years

  223. yes, all of these are true, look them up on Google.
    I love these useless facts! PLEASE keep them coming!

  224. well fingernails are already dead skin so what would be the difference when you are dead or alive, they would still grow!!!

  225. you guys are so funny but wat up with the EGG story and the hair and nail and whatever crap you guys are talking about is getting really boring now
    talk aout something else ANYTHING plz

  226. this facts are really outrageous but true

  227. Donald duck wasnt banned from finland for not wearing pants -.- its cuz at the time finland was in a economic slump and they had to save money so they stopped the production of childrens books, including donald duck. Idk where i learned this tidbit^^

    also one random fact, you can spontaneously combust if you have WAY too much phosphorus in your body ^^

  228. Funny, funny funny, funny funny funny!

    You silly eggs, if you hear an onion ring, you might jump out of your skin. Don’t answer it……unless you’re a tater!

    Spread laughter wherever you go. πŸ™‚

  229. Fingernails and hair do not grow after death. The skin shrivels up, causing nails and hair to look longer.

  230. There are more comments than the actual thing. lol

  231. The average person swallow eight spiders in a year.???
    how z hell would i end up with a spider

  232. OMG there r soooo many coments on these lol

  233. and aparently u can swalow spiders when ur asleep!

  234. Finger nails and hair do not grow after you die. This skin deterriates/ dies away making them to appear longer

  235. i like thee m all πŸ˜€

  236. =]:-)=

  237. i heard that spiders crawl into your mouth when your sleeping 8x

  238. i published this on my face book profile lol , If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would produce enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.

  239. Everybody needs to chill!!!!!!!Remember that the federal goverment gives millions of dollars to schools who study these things for educational purposes.He he he!!!!

  240. also just to let you guys know…There is no evedence at all that you swallow 14 spiders a year while your sleeping.Theat would ean some lab would havve to watch hundreds of people each night for a year to get a good statistic.Who would want to watched all year in bed???????

  241. HAHAHAHAHAHA…LMAOOO comeeee onn ppl lets jus say who ever believed that fingernails and hair grew after death is completely STUPID!!!……LOL

  242. Almost 3 years on hair/nails coment, they do not grow afteer death, and eeggs are horible and men can read smaller print than women but women can hear better

  243. Lmao! If u can lick ur elbow u mus either have 1 too 4 things unique about you… VERY SHORT ELBOWS or THE WORLDS LONGEST TONGUE or AN ABNORMALLY LONG NECK! AND UR EYEBROWS ARE CONNECTED TO UR DIAFRAGMA… Hahahaha aka just 4 laughs!

  244. Having birthdays is good for you, the more you have the longer you live πŸ˜›

  245. pound 4 pound a bug has more protein than steak

  246. a kingfisher bird flaps its wings quicker than the time it takes for the suns rays to reach the earth

  247. u can only see 2% of the animals in the amazon

  248. in north america crows place nuts on the road so the cars can crack them open 4 them

  249. the whale shark dont eat meat or fish

  250. and thats all the animal facts i got 4 now, im goin eatin a egg sandwich

  251. if u frighten a goat it will collapse and faint for few seconds

  252. the snapping turtle has the strongest bite on the planet

  253. u actually get cold feet wen nervous or scared of somethin

  254. if u were in a train that was goin the speed of light for a year and u decided to walk forward in it you’d travellin in to the future

  255. i might of said that wrong some1 correct me lol

  256. yeah, on average…
    in your lifetime, you eat 8 spiders at night. XP

  257. I have been laughing for about an hour now reading this entire comment page. thank you all

  258. likeing eggs is not murder a chiken lays about 3 eggs to 6 eggs each day most likely an egg farm has no rosters around to fertiliz each egg it is like a human because of a period and i know this beacuse i got chikens and no rosters

  259. Woman speak more words than man only because they spent more time of their life complaining lol

  260. The main library at Indiana University sinks over an inch every year by the weight of books.

  261. Only “Fainting goats” fall over while scared and ONLY that type of goat

    Crocodiles actually have the strongest bite in the world, Snapping turtles have the second

    The whale shark DOES in fact eat small fish

    Bugs have more protein per gram not pound

    Crows place nuts on the ground around the whole world, not just north America, in fact it was first seen in Japan and started everywhere else years later.

    Nothing flaps faster than the sun’s rays hit earth and regardless a LOT of birds flap a hell of a lot faster than the kingfisher.

    And you don’t actually eat spiders it was published in a journal as an article to proof how stupid people were and how they’d believe anything they read on the internet. Even if it was true spiders are small and light, you simply breathing would scare them away, also if it was to happen your tongue would push it away or you’d wake up choking, there’s also the fact that spiders HATE getting wet and it seriously messes with them so why on EARTH would they crawl into some wet damp moving place? Both spiders and pretty much all incests HATE CO2 and it can actually kill them, so they avoid it and since you breathing if you expelling the CO2 from your lungs, they’ll stay away from you.

    Also, I do love how the only people calling those like me nerds, can’t spell or use grammar so forgive me for not caring about your uneducated, idiotic and pathetic opinions.

  262. how can something dead continue too grow? im not saying its not possible im so curious

  263. I’m not sure about the hair, but nails DON’T grow after you die; the skin around them shrivels up and that makes them look like they’ve grown.

  264. Lolz im no contortionist but i can lick meh elbow.Did you know that on AdventureQuest moglins can not feel pain? No really test it whack Twilly`s dumb but adorable face.

  265. iv jus read all da comments. it s insane, u ppl r obsessed wiv eggs, and the growin after ur dead. dis has gon on for 3 yrs now. lets have a cuppa, eh? x

  266. Haha hair and nails Lolol oh you don’t eat 8 spiders…silly….unless your a compulsive spider eater! ;-)))

  267. The hair and finger nail thing is wrong…what happens is that the flesh at their roots decays, exposing the more of them, so they have the illusion of growing (don’t you just HATE people like me?! LOL)

  268. lol

    Just took me like 1 hour to wright comment “)

  269. lol ur all so funny i finally made it to the bottom hippo milk is pink…

  270. “Both spiders and pretty much all incests”
    Anyone else realize that Ara wrote incests rather than insects (incest being sexual interactions between close relatives..), and then proceeded to bash people for improper spelling and grammar? She had insanely long run on sentences too, and over-used commas to try and hide it. :l

  271. Wow! Itz d 3rd year & people are still commenting….. Wel, I dont believe dat stuff ’bout fingernails & hair growing after death….. Wen u’re dead u’re dead!:-)
    – not evry1 can wink… Can u believe dat!:-)

  272. omigawd, first the arguement was about fingernails and nails and growing and stuff, but now its bout bugs crawling into mouths. Whts next:)? oh and btw, all the people saying that they hate eggs are just mad people. make luv not argue….. just argee:)

  273. so let me check if i got this right.dead polar bears eat eggs using nails while reading stolen guiness book?hmmm…felt something was still

  274. weird

  275. your hair and finger nails are dead cells so the grow until your flesh rots away

  276. Reading mad comments is a great way to kill a few insomniac hours…

    I wanted to add that the last I heard about the ‘eating 8 spiders’ “fact” was that it actually refers to the average insect/arachnid content of food like chocolate (guess how many cockroaches are in every 100g??) and then average chocolate consumption per person.

    We also consume a hell of a lot of faeces, a healthier practice than you might think, but certainly not an appetizing one!

    Some Aussie trivia to leave you with:

    A wombat’s pouch opens ‘backwards’ so that dirt doesn’t get in the pouch whilst the wombat is digging burrows.

    A baby kangaroo (a joey) isn’t born in the pouch but instead has to climb up from the birth canal to the pouch immediately after being born. Tough gig.

    We all know about hair and nails, but did you know that your ears and nose keep growing right up until your death? If human lifespans keep increasing, it’ll be interesting to see whether the elderly begin to resemble elephants! (Also, my nose might get to be the length of my thumb when I’m 150, but it’s no where near that long now!)

    I can lick my elbow too… Just put your arm straight up, twist it so your palm faces behind you, drop your shoulder blades down, tilt your head up, and stick out your tongue. Stretch your neck a bit and you’ll get there – practice will help you get more flexible. A good party trick!

  277. I realy dnt know how people get so much time to think this much on such facts and then research and then comment..guys pleaseeeee…I realy dnt know how people get so much time to think this much on such facts and then research and then comment..guys pleaseeeee…just read and enjoy the facts…..cooool einstines of our world..have fun..

  278. WOW, i love looking at random facts.

  279. heres a random fact for you.

    lobsters and some species of shark never show any signs of ageing until they get lacerated in any way.

  280. Ok why dont ppl just stop talking about hair and fingernails growing or not after death. Is it really that important to know? Who is gonna care? Seriously!
    Not to be mean or rude to the people participating in the argument. But it is true. Name one person besides the people arguing on here or your friends or whatever that care about this stuff. You guys should just move on in your lives.

  281. A lot of the interesting facts that people left were really great! thx for the laughs!

  282. @Kenzie: Important or not, when an article states that its facts are true and then puts in an urban myth, people are going to call it out on it, especially if no effort is made to correct it. For me it’s a personal pet peeve, when certain things are misrepresented as true.

    There’s nothing wrong with extra knowledge, no matter how trivial it may seem.

    Most of us can live our lives not knowing who Shakespeare, Mozart or Gandhi are, but then we’d probably be considered ignorant, and nobody worth their salt would find us as someone they can have an intelligent conversation with.

    Don’t know why my earlier post is gone.

  283. for the people that think golfishes have a memory of 3 second ure wronge they tested it on mythbusters

  284. all these are true i got realy board and tested them hahah ! πŸ˜‰

    P.S turmites bite :/ πŸ™‚

  285. beatles taste like bacon.
    Women waste 65.5% of their life time looking at da mirror.

  286. You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath..

  287. All of you who are arguing whether these facts are true or fake, YOUR A RETARD because everyone with a brain would know they are TRUE!!!!!!

  288. hey listen to this random joke
    roses are red
    violets are blue
    god made me perfect
    what the hell happened
    to you??!?!?!

  289. i hate the fact that we swallow spiders!! and insects too!!

  290. FACT: As you’er body decomposes after DEATH! You’er hair CAN grow up to 3 FEET after death, as well you’er nails CAN grow 3 to 6 inches after death! It has been that as far back as History has loge things on death… And not of his-story her-stoy!!!

  291. Hair and nails DO NOT grow after death regardless of what “Dr. Bran” says. As the body decomposes, the skin dehydrates and pulls tighter against the bones and decomposing muscles. This gives the APPEARANCE that the nails and hair are still growing. For them to grow, the person would have to be alive as hair follicle cells would not divide otherwise.