Funny Blonde Jokes

Blondes in a dark hole

Two blondes are in a dark hole one says “man it’s dark down here”
The other says “yeah i’m not sure I can’t see”

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Blondes Talking about Geography

Two blondes were talking about geography. One of them said it is possible to see England from Canada.

The other blonde looking rather confused said, ” I don’t think so”

The first blonde said, “See how close they are on the map.”

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Glaciers Brought Rocks

A blonde on her first visit to Yellowstone National Park said to her guide, “Look at all those big rocks. Wherever did they come from?”

“The glaciers brought them down,” said the guide.

“But where are the glaciers?”

“The glaciers,” said the guide in a frustrated tone, “have gone back for more rocks.”

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Blonde Trying New Dress

Blonde 1: That dress is too tight for you. It’s skintight!

Blonde 2: It’s tighter than my skin.

Blonde 1: How could anything be tighter than your skin?

Blonde 2: I can sit down in my skin, but I can’t in this dress.

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Home Improvement

A Blonde goes to the bank and applies for a loan.

“I want a loan, I’m going to divorce my husband.”

“Oh, we don’t give loans for divorces” the manager says, “We make loans for appliances, automobiles, businesses, home improvements….”

Blonde interrupts and says, “Well, this is certainly a ‘Home Improvement.’

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Blonde in Sahara

A Blonde wandering in the Sahara was wearing a bathing suit and sunglasses.

An Arab which passed by her gazed at her in amazement and asked, “What are you doing all the way out here dressed like that!?”

“I’m going swimming,” the blonde explained.

“But the ocean is eight hundred miles away,” the Arab informed him.

“Eight hundred miles!” the blonde exclaimed with a whistle of appreciation. “Boy, wow, what a beach!”

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Blonde Uses Her Mind

Two blonde sisters were lying in bed listening to the next door neighbor’s dog barking. It had been barking for hours and hours.

Suddenly, one blonde jumps out of bed and says, “I’ve had enough of this,” and goes downstairs.

Finally she comes back up to bed and says, “The dog is still barking. What have you been doing?”

Blonde says, “I’ve put their dog in our yard – now we’ll see how they like it!”

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